2017-2018 News — 25 October 2017
Earthquakes remind us of need to prepare

Earthquake hits San Jose 

By Emily Cien

On the evening of Oct. 9, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Southern Bay, mainly hitting the city of San Jose. Many people in San Jose at the time didn’t know about the earthquake until after news came out, so many people didn’t protect themselves by following the basic earthquake protocol which is to hide under a sturdy table and cover your head.

Many people in the area didn’t experience the small shakes, and many were surprised when they heard the news that an earthquake had hit.

“I didn’t know there was an earthquake hit,” said Oakland High graduate Ivy He who is now attending her first year of college at San Jose State University. “I didn’t feel anything move around or shake.”

Many disasters strike different places on the Earth almost every single day. It’s best to always be prepared for any kind of emergency that has a chance of happening near where you live.

In order to take precaution, people and families should have emergency plans to follow for when they’re at home.

Sometimes you might not need to use an emergency plan because the disaster isn’t very drastic or life threatening. “I wasn’t worried about my sister when she was in San Jose,” said sophomore Xiao He. “She didn’t mention any earthquake and she seemed fine when she came home to visit.”

Even though some earthquakes might not be life threatening, it’s always important to take safety precautions in case any emergencies suddenly happen. According to environmental science teacher Matt Fields, “The Bay Area has a big chance of having an earthquake since the Hayward fault is long overdue for an earthquake.”

Many people may not be fully prepared in case an earthquake hits but it’s always better to have a just-in-case plan if anything ever happens, according to Fields.

In the past, many people were killed in huge earthquakes. Some could have been avoided while others couldn’t have. For example, the San Francisco earthquake that happened in 1906 was very hard to prepare for because it was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and caused buildings to fall, which was something that they could not prepare for.

According to Earthquake Country Alliance, some ways people could stay safe during an earthquake is by going under sturdy tables and cover their heads. Some things to bring are important medications, first aid kit, some food, and bottled water.


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