2017-2018 Slider — 27 October 2017
Different cultures flourish at Oakland High

By Harvey Pham

Many people make mistaken assumptions about the student demographics at Oakland High, which is actually a diverse school with no racial majority.

There are clubs that support students’ cultures like the South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Club, Latinos Unidos, Black Student Union, Cantonese Club, the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA), and Cambodian Club.

“Being in Cambodian Club helps spread cultural awareness around our school,” said senior Alex Hernandez. “We have events outside of school that spread cultural awareness in our community.”

Cultural awareness is the understanding of the different people from other countries and backgrounds. Oakland itself is a representation of diversity, being one of the most diverse cities in America, according to the Oakland Visitors’ Bureau.

There are many cultural clubs around Oakland High School that are available for any student to join, and will also be able to take part in cultural acts.

“VSA helps us get back in touch with our roots,” said president of VSA Juliana Nguyen. “Most people think you have to be Vietnamese to join VSA but you do not have to be.”

There are different types of culture clubs at Oakland High but they have one thing in common and that is to let others know about their culture and give them a place to express themselves.

“The point of our club is to express ourselves and encourage others to do the same,” said senior Latinos Unidos club member Monica Chavez on Oct. 20. “We are preparing for the Latino Heritage assembly to tell people more about what we do and why we are doing it.”


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