2017-2018 Student Life — 27 October 2017
College applications coming to a close

By: Buna Poeng and Calvin Hien

College application season is coming to an end, and seniors are hard at work hoping to be attending their dream school in Fall 2018.

UC and CSU applications are due on Nov. 30, while private and out-of-state college applications are due around mid-November, depending on the college.

“I am so stressed out right now because of college apps,” said senior Victoria Insalyvanh. “And there are less than two months left for college apps!”

OUSD is trying to lessen the workload of the CSU application by putting in students’ grades for them, instead of requiring the students to do it themselves; the UC application has yet to receive the same treatment.

Unlike the CSU application, UCs require four 350 word essays maximum, with students answering four of the eight questions available. However, CSU applications require letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors for the student.

“I think getting all the easy parts of the application done early is a good idea,” said senior Justin Saechao. “The hardest parts are definitely the essays, and I’m focusing most of my time on those.”

Teachers are also doing their best to make sure all their students have something to do after graduation.

“It’s an exciting time for our scholars,” said senior AVID teacher Mallory Logan. “Along with my peers, we’re doing the best we can to give our students all the support they need to follow their dreams.”


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