2017-2018 Student Life — 30 October 2017
Class out of water

Swim class on hold until pool is fixed

By: Gieanne Aldana

Oakland High’s Live Oak Pool is closed for the time being. People in OHS swimming classes have been devastated because of this problem.

“I feel bad that the pool is closed,” said Jenie Galicia, a sophomore.

According to swimming teacher Clare Burger, the pool was closed because of safety and health concerns. Pieces of fiberglass from the bulkhead were mixing into the swimming pool and might be harmful to the people swimming in it.

Not all students approved of the time away from the pool.

“The fiberglass is not a big problem,” said sophomore Ofa Lanivia. ”It’s also fine not being in the pool, but we are not getting as much time to prepare and practice for the finals.”

Sophomore Donna Fernandez agreed with Lanivia that it’s difficult to not be able to learn and practice their skills for swimming.


Due to this problem, the scholars either go to the pool area and do some exercises or go to the theatre and watch some swimming related videos.

“It’s challenging to teach a large number of classes,” Burger said, noting that while the East Bay dealt with smoke from Northern California wildfires, “we couldn’t even go to the pool area. So we go to the theatre and watch some swimming videos and also practice doing CPR.”

According to Burger, the pool is supposed to reopen by the beginning week of November. The Public Works Department of the City of Oakland is in charge of fixing the bulkhead. They are going to drain the pool, then paint the fiberglass and patch up the rest.



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