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Apple surprises with two new phones

iphoneBy Emily Liang

On Sept. 22, Apple’s iPhone 8 was released to the general public. In addition, Apple announced that on Nov. 3, the iPhone X will be released as well.

Although the release dates are close in proximity, the phones differ in function and look. According to Apple, the iPhone 8 does not have very significant differences compared to the 7; the main difference is a glass back which enables wireless charging. The iPhone X however will have facial recognition ID, no home button, and a larger screen. The 8 will have a starting price of $699, while the X will have a starting price of $999.

The release of the iPhone 8 and the announcement of the iPhone X has sparked a lot of media attention because Apple usually releases an “S” generation a year after the major release of a new generation iPhone, like the iPhone 5s following the 5 and the 6s following the 6. But instead, Apple is releasing two new iPhones, one for their annual September release, and the other for the iPhone’s ten year anniversary. The release made national headlines, and even memes were made.

“Yes, I have the 8,” sophomore Kevin Pham said. “My iPhone 6 was broken so I needed a new phone that could last me three to four years… [the iPhone 8] looks like the 7 and 6.”

Juliana Nguyen, senior at Oakland High, believes that both the phones are not worth the high retail price.

“I’m broke.” Nguyen said, “I’d rather pay for boba than get a new phone because my phone works perfectly.”


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