2017-2018 News — 20 October 2017
7.1 Earthquake hits Central Mexico

By: Leonel Guillen

Disaster struck when a magnitude of a 7.1 earthquake hit Central Mexico on Sept. 19, and left Mexico City and other areas in rubble.

The earthquake left over 200 people dead and the death toll continued to rise as search and rescue tried to help the people who are missing and injured. The earthquake left a lot of people trapped in buildings and schools were destroyed.

The devastation of the earthquake in Mexico has left the Bay Area and the rest of the country in shocked, especially after the devastation that was left by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. People and students are worried about their family members that may have been affected by the earthquake.

“It was tragic and I felt scared because my relatives lived near the area where the earthquake happened,” said senior Rodolfo Sanchez. “I was praying for their safety.”

Weeks before this, an 8.1 earthquake hit the Chiapas region of Mexico on Sept. 7. Prior to this year, Mexico hadn’t had an earthquake that powerful since 1985, when a magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit the same area leaving Mexico in devastation. People in the Bay Area are really worried and hope that the people in Mexico are okay.

“It was very sad,” said Oakland High graduate Carmen Ayala. “A lot of people died and lots more were injured but although it was very catastrophic, I also feel very happy to have seen how people worked together as one to save all those that survived.”

After the earthquake, Red Cross, the U.S. and Major League Baseball have raised millions of dollars for the relief efforts in Mexico. Also, they send in supplies for the residents and families in Mexico who have lost all of their homes and their things in that earthquake.

“I think it’s a difficult and very scary situation for a lot of families and especially because of the deaths,” said senior Yahaira Guillen.”They lost a lot of people. It’s important that everyone keep staying together to help support each other.”


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