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Jazz Band

Jazz Band

By Jason Chuong


The Oakland High jazz band has 20 people in it this school year, according to music teacher David Byrd, who teaches multiple instruments including his favorite, guitar.

In the jazz band, students play the guitar, saxophone, electric guitar, and bass. One of the jazz band members, freshman Ronald Hamlet, plays the electric bass. Hamlet joined the jazz band because he said it was fun and he loves being in it.

Sophomore Jayden Tren was in the band last year and now he’s here again playing the drums. He joined the jazz band because he said it’s fun being around cool people.

“If you practice and practice you will get better and be able to play your instrument and difficult music that you’re going to play,” Byrd said.

The jazz band competes in events outside of the school, and performs in live concerts on stage in front of judges.

During rehearsals, before they go on stage and perform, band members tune their instruments.

According to Byrd, they tune their instruments because once one of the bass players’ strings snapped and their performance was delayed and it become an inconvenience.

Around 2013-2014 the jazz band started out small with 7 people in the jazz band, but now it has grown into a full orchestra.

Right now, Byrd said the band is planning a live show during the winter and spring where they will perform live in the school theater.



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