2017-2018 Student Life — 08 September 2017
Unpopular lunch policy unlikely to change

By Emily Liang

Oakland High currently follows an on-campus lunch policy, which means students are not allowed to leave school premises during lunch time.

The on-campus lunch policy is enforced mainly because the school does not want students to cut class. Many students, however, are against this policy. They enjoy the freedom of being able to leave the school for lunch. Derek Tern, a senior at Oakland High believes that there should be an off-campus lunch policy.

“It should be allowed so we can go out the school and get better lunch,” Tern said, “Students will focus more if they actually ate lunch.”

Many different high schools have various lunch policies. Oakland Technical High School, another school in OUSD, has an off campus lunch policy. Tech students are able to buy food sold near the campus.

According to Vonzele Reed, an assistant principal, the goal of Oakland High’s closed-campus lunch policy is to have fewer unexcused absences and tardies. Oakland High aims to have every student in the classroom at all times, thus enforcing tardy sweep too.

Junior Tyri Paul opposes Oakland High’s lunch policy. “Off-campus lunch will allow students to have better lunch because the lunch in school is really bad.”

Although many students are against the on-campus lunch policy at Oakland High, it has statistically helped student attendance. Oakland High’s absences and tardies have been kept low since the closed campus lunch policy was enforced. Therefore, Reed expects the policy to stay.


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