News — 12 September 2017
Terror Attack in Charlottesville

Attack leaves 1 dead and 19 wounded

By Leonel Guillen| September 8, 2017 at 9:30 AM

In Charlottesville, Va. on Aug. 17, violence between white supremacists and counter-protesters led to a violent clash between these two groups. The supremacist group gathered because they were protesting about the removal of the confederate statue.

The city of Charlottesville declared a local state of emergency as police in riot gear tried to control the violent protesters. There were businesses broken into and people fighting on the streets. Police used tear gas to stop the protesters before it got out of control.

A driver drove into a crowd of counter-protesters and ended up killing 1 person and 19 people injured.

After the terror attack in Charlottesville people from all over the country were shocked and angry about what happened. Even in the Bay Area people were upset about it.

“I’m very shocked that this happened in our country,” said Oakland High senior Rodolfo Sanchez. “I feel sorry for the people in Charlottesville that saw the horror and violence that happened.”

After the Charlotteville terror attack people in the Bay Area gathered and rallied against hate and especially against white supremacists. Also, there was also anger in the community because many of the violent supremacists who started it walked away freely and no arrest was made. However, the car driver was arrested after the attack.

People here in the Bay Area are especially angry at President Donald Trump for how he handled the situation in Charlottesville.

Senior Justin Saechao said, “The people responsible for the terror attack should have been brought to justice for what they did because they left many people traumatized.”

People from all over the country are responding to the terror attack by uniting together and protesting against these white supremacists.

The last time there was a protest turned violent in Oakland was in November 2016, where in Oakland there was a protest against Donald Trump’s victory. Violence broke out between protesters and police and a lot of properties and businesses were vandalized and broken into.



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