2017-2018 News — 21 September 2017
Spanish class opens up possibilities

By Jason Chuong


Spanish teachers at Oakland High School are recommending that students take more than two years of any world language classes, because the extra language learning will benefit students in the future.

These language teachers are starting off the year giving off introductions and more about themselves and what they are going to do for the school year and tell more about their curriculum. They will also start from the basics to make sure is on the same page as everyone else. Students learn Spanish songs, and the difficulty varies depending on the level of Spanish.

“As long as you try and pay attention in class and do your work you will pass my class,” said Miguel Hernandez, who teaches Spanish 1.

According to the University of California Admissions, taking more than two years of any language class will strengthen your college application so it’s recommended if students are applying to a very competitive college or university such as UC Berkeley and UCLA. But it all depends on your major and if you’re considering transferring to any UCs, it’s best to be competent in at least one language besides English.  

Spanish teachers at OHS love their jobs and say they will help students in any way possible to help them pass as long as they are committed and hardworking. They will help students review simple words and so on.

In Hernandez’s Per. 3 Spanish 1 class most days, people are silent and attentive and are willing to learn while they try to pronounce new words aloud.

As long students have hard work ethic they will succeed any class and in the future they might even talk to more people more fluently without a language barrier being in the way and travel with ease going to a country where they mostly speak their native language.

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