2017-2018 Sports — 12 September 2017
Small but scrappy

Undersized Oakland High football team is ready for this year’s season

By Tamelah Hardley & Taliah Long


Although there are not many players on the Varsity team, Coach Jayce Goree believes Oakland High’s football team is ready for this 2017 upcoming season

This year’s teams only has two substitutes, which means the Oakland High School team will have to play hard and safely.  

“Last year’s team had many more subs,” Coach Jayce said, “but they didn’t work as hard, which caused them to lose most of their games.”

Coach Jayce said that this year’s challenges include, “Low numbers on varsity team, being in condition for all four quarters, and no injuries.”

This year’s players have been spending their after-school hours in study hall, weightlifting, and working hard on the football field.

This season’s homecoming game, on Oct. 27, will be against McClymonds High School. Junior running back Christian Cruz said, “Our team is ready to take down those McClymonds Warriors!”

“It’s going to be easier this year because we are playing the same people,”  said Cruz. “We already know their techniques.”

The cheesy nachos, loud music, and screaming cheerleaders are all ready for this upcoming football season.

“Although we had more players then we have this year, last season wasn’t really a kick-off,” said varsity cheerleader Ondria Garcia. “We lost most of our games and the crowds were disappointed. We lost one player, Antwaun Williams, which really took a toll on the team and our school, but he will always be on our field and in our players’ hearts,”

Sept. 1 was the first game of preseason, against Terra Linda from San Rafael.  The Wildcats did not win that game, but varsity senior Freddie Mckay said, “We know everything we did wrong. Now it’s just time to fix it.”



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