2017-2018 Student Life — 13 September 2017
Reasons to Serve!

By Calvin Hien

In high school, students should consider joining a club because it could benefit you many ways, and there many clubs and organizations to choose, from academic to community service clubs, service club members say. At Oakland High School there are many community service clubs, like BuildOn and Key Club, and there are usually meetings every once a week during lunch or afterschool.

“Students that are in high school should join clubs,” said senior Delina Truong. ”You get to meet new people, look good on your college apps, and learn new skills”.

If students do not have time during school or after school, there are always service opportunities during the weekends. It is a great way to meet new friends if you are new.

For seniors, if you plan to attend college, putting clubs on your college application would show that you were involved in school, and outside activities.

You can always learn new skills from community services clubs because, you can learn new skills like public speaking, leadership skills, and responsibilities. It can help you step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes high school can be very stressful, and people do not have time to join a club. There is plenty of opportunities to join.

“School might be stressful, but it helps me relieve my stress by just doing what I enjoy,” said senior Christine Nguyen. “If anyone is interested in a club, they should come by the senior court on Sept. 6 after school for club fair.”

Joining a club are very beneficial because you could meet new people through the club, and they could end up becoming your best friend.

If you have any question, come by to English teacher Chris Johnston’s room,324, at lunch on Fridays for Key Club or Tuesdays at lunch in the Wellness Center for BuildOn. There will be snacks provided, if you do not have anything to do during lunch, come on down.

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