2017-2018 Student Life — 08 September 2017
Make It Count

Tips for getting the most out of your time at OHS

By Princess Paulmerie

Class of 2021, here are some tips on how to get through this year at Oakland High School  successfully. You will learn organizational tips and time management.

Having a good organization system will benefit you as you balance all of your classes. Many returning students suggest that you get a binder that has sections for all 8 classes in it and divide it up using 8 tabs and further divide it in those sections.

You may want to have an A day and B day binder to separate work due to the days you have those classes, but forgetting what Wednesday it is can cause you to go around school all day without having your work.

Junior Nusaibah Shaheed said she wants to let the freshmen know that having an organization system in place is really important to do well.

8 classes add up to a lot of work. Using a planner will really help taking away all that unneeded stress. Simply writing down when homework is due can help you get your work done stress free.

Freshman Jeremiah Paulmerie said the number of people the biggest difference from middle school. He has also learned that he has to use his passing period wisely.

Time management can help out wonders as you won’t need to rush at the end of the marking period getting things done.

“Make all four years count,” said junior Iris Ard. “You’re going to look back and be proud that you didn’t mess around.”  


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