2017-2018 Sports — 13 September 2017
Fresh Cheering

New ninth-grade cheering squad

By Kearra Shaw

Desiree Turner, a math teacher and cheer coach at Oakland High School held the first meeting of the cheer squad on Aug. 29 on the football field. As her meeting began there were former cheerleaders stretching on the bleachers and field.

Turner revealed the day before she plans to start a freshman cheerleading squad this year. This squad was made so the freshmen can have a chance because they always ask when are tryouts. Turner said she has no prior coaching experience except for cheerleading.

“I have been coaching cheerleading for 10 years now,” Turner said.

A cheerleader since tenth grade, senior Dymond Allen said “I encourage others to try.”

The sports clubs at Oakland High are starting to recruit people for this year. The new people will be the face of the team and their awards to be won as a goal along with the awards of other former member. On coach Clare Burger’s swim team last year, she had six girls go to a state meet and with a new swim team she will have more success stories to tell.

Cheerleading coach Turner is starting a freshman cheerleading squad. According to Burger, sports are to encourage students to participation because it’s something you can do for life, and student athletes get more friends that become really close to them.

“We are a family,” said Burger to describe her swim team.

The meeting on the football field for the freshmen cheerleading squad was quiet and yet full of excitement because they were enthusiastic when they were called into action. Destiney Saechao was among that group of freshmen. She said she is really happy to become a cheerleader because she wants more friends.

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