2017-2018 — 12 September 2017
Diversity defeats hate


 Our school’s community is its strength

By Eva Li | August 28, 2017 , at 9:38 AM

Tuesday, Aug. 22, protests surged in the Bay Area after confederate statue was removed in Charlottesville, Va.; Oakland High staff and students disagree with discriminatory ideas promoted during the protest.

Dr. David Mangiante, an environmental science teacher, believes that although voices should be heard and that people hold the fundamental rights to freedom of speech, these hate groups “should not incite to violence and hate.” Mangiante concludes that the hate is stemming from fear and ignorance about the expectations of what America should be in the eyes of these protesters.

Tonyea Jones, a junior ESA student said that the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis who are protesting signify a “sign of disrespect” considering the fact that she lives in Oakland, which is eminently diverse.

“Each classroom is modeled to represent the demographics of the school,” Mangiante added, discussing Oakland High’s diversity.

So how does Oakland High prevent racial discrimination among students? According to campus Officer Andrews, she said that her priority is to “make sure kids aren’t being disrespectful and also help kids make it to class on time.” She also states that there hasn’t been much problems lately.

Jones said that the diversity in Oakland High and the different language classes offered help the community of students become more united as a whole.

Despite the ongoing protests situated in the Bay Area, staff and students remain opposed to the white supremacist protests. However there are many efforts in place to prevent discriminatory commentary or behavior.

“”We should be more positive and mindful of other ethnicities,” said junior Amanda Huynh from the PLTW engineering pathway.

“Everyone at Oakland High seems to cohesively bond together,” said Huynh. She described the scenery during lunch; students of all colors and ethnicities pour into the cafeteria eagerly waiting for food and other students just waiting to chat about their day to their friends.

As the school year comes to a start and a fresh new beginning, “hopes of peace and acceptance are much needed,” said Cindy Li, a new senior who’ve just recently transferred to Oakland High.


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