2017-2018 Commentary — 08 September 2017
Bullying Affecting Oakland High Students

By Jhovana Delgadillo

Oakland High students report having witnessed bullying at the school but aren’t exactly sure why it happens.

Junior Josue Cruz said that bullying affects students “mentally and educational wise may lower their self esteem”.

Bullying has always affected students all around the world in every school and in social media. Kids get attacked in social media for their appearance and things they post.

Our students that are getting bullied don’t want to deal with school and they don’t feel safe coming to school, said junior Jessica Dam. `

Students had some ideas about how we as a school could help students who are being bullied.

“We could try to be positive around them and let them know that they can depend on you,” said Dam.

The scholars at our school that are getting bullied feel alone, unsafe and have a low self esteem coming to school, said Cruz.

Dam said we can all come together to stop the bullying and make our students feel safe. If we see something, she said, we should speak up save a life.  The Wellness Center has administrators who can talk to the students about how they feel and what’s going on.


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