2017-2018 News — 15 September 2017
Attacks abroad raise security questions at home

By: Gieanne Aldana



Back on Aug. 17, there was a terror attack in Las Ramblas Boulevard, Barcelona. The overall death toll of this event raised to 16 when a German woman died from injuries.

The woman, who has not been named, was hurt when a van went through the crowd of tourists off one Spain’s most famous street. This attack was claimed by the Islamic State terror group. It was the worst terror attack that ever happened in Spain.  

Freshman Marvin Rubio said that if a terrorist attack were to happen here at Oakland High, “I would try to stay calm and observe the situation. Also try to help people when needed.”

Sam Baker, one of the security guards here in the school, said that if this ever happens in this school, their job is to facilitate other emergency personnel like the police and FBI to secure the place.

Four people so far been arrested for the attacks in Spain. Two of them are Driss Oukabir and Moussa Oukabir. Driss is the older sibling of Moussa. Neither of these two ever had criminal records. Another suspect was arrested but the authorities were unsure if it was the driver of the van or not. Mohammed Aala, the fourth suspect, is the known owner of the van and is now detained in prison.

Freshman Triatta Sok said, “We should evacuate quickly and call for help if a terror attack happens.”

The Washington Sinclair Broadcast Group advises that people stay safe by trusting their guts. If you see something suspicious, tell a staff in the school for the concern. Trusting your instinct could prevent an attack from happening. Another one is to not panic and stay calm. Find the nearest exit and and hide behind any object that has protection.

It is important to be safe in our community. Because human loss and suffering is immeasurable. So keep safe everyone.

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