2017-2018 Student Life — 13 September 2017
Advice for Seniors Going to College

By Harvey Pham

On Monday, Aug. 21, about 300 seniors at Oakland High started school and in about 10 months, they will be going to college so they need tips on how to get through it.

There are lots of adults on campus that have been to college and can give seniors advice so that they can have a good and fun life during their first college experience.

“When I was a freshman in college, the parties were the best and most fun things to do but if you party too much and not keep up with your school work, it will take a toll on your grades,” said former Oakland High grad and college junior Emily Pham. “That happened to me and it caused me so much stress.”

Many new college students end up getting academic probation or even kicked out of their school for not being able to manage their time.

According to Grown and Flown, a website that gives tips for high school students, some tips are that you should become friends with your roommates and others to have a fun life, go to class, build good relationships with your professors and your counselor, and spend your money wisely.  The friends can also help give you notes when you are not in class.

“This is your life and yours alone. The adults surrounding you are not going to college. They may have useful information and counsel to provide, but in the end the college decision needs to be yours,” said Madonna Matta from Grown and Flown.

“You should know when to have fun and when to hit the books and study,” said former college student and EBAYC staff member Hien Pham. College freshmen usually get homesick if they go to a college far away from home so they need tips on how to overcome it.”

According to College Prep 101, “When you first go to college, the thought of going to different places alone can be intimidating. It helps to have someone there who will hang out with you.”

OHS senior Buna Poeng said he and many of his friends plan to apply to SJSU so that they can help each other out and have fun at the same time.



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