2017-2018 Student Life — 08 September 2017
Advice for freshmen

By Buna Poeng

Monday, Aug. 21, marked the beginning of the school year for students enrolled in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). That, of course, means an influx of freshmen starting the beginning of some of the most important years of their life, high school.

When freshmen are starting their first year of high school, that means there are seniors starting their last year of high school and ready to give advice.

“The first thing you should do in high school is join all the sports, clubs, and internships you can because it’ll look good on your college applications,” said senior Bryant La.

As the season for college applications start to approach rapidly, seniors can’t seem to help but look back on their high school years. Everyone seems to get into the mood of helping out the underclassmen, trying to make sure their high school ride is as smooth as possible.

Former assistant principal at Oakland High Jonathan Ferrer, now the principal at Westlake Middle School, even gave his two cents. “Be mindful of each and every decision you make the next four years, for it can determine and impact the next eight years of your life, and even beyond,” he said.

The immediate focus for a lot of freshmen, is who are their friends and who to hang out with.

“I didn’t know what to think,” said senior Jeremy Lacap. “I mean none of my friends came to this school so I wasn’t sure who to hang out with.”

Staff at their school want more students to come to them for help, for any reason, even if it’s not education related.

“I’ve been helping students for a while now,” said buildOn program coordinator An Duc. “The reason I’m here is to help students, and I hope they continue to ask me for help and advice.”

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