2017-2018 Student Life — 08 September 2017
A new kind of Government class

Course aims to support student leaders

By Angie Nanphosy

This year in room 239, teacher Amy Dellefield has made a new student government class specifically for O-High Leadership students, so officers can be more organized and meet for events. This new government class includes lessons on how to improve leadership skills for college.

Last year, both ASB and class officers struggled with all their commitments under the new A/B schedule. They talked about what would be helpful and decided to request and make this new course offering.

“I was also getting more complaints from third-period teachers about Leadership students coming in late (from reading the announcements) and leaving early (to set up for fundraisers or lunchtime events),” said Dellefield.

Many high-schoolers have heard that government classes for leadership give a boost in college application and help students stand out more. Also, according to college prep website Study Point, proven leadership ability is a big deal in college admissions which is great for people who need and want that extra boost!

Oakland High School made the government class specifically for leadership so the students have structured time to be more organized and quickly drill down on their committee work. .

“The officers have time to create an action plan, meet with AP Casanova around creating a school wide digital communication plan,” said Dellefield

“The class is very active,” said senior government student Terri Tu. “We do lots of things such as going around helping with bulletin boards and organize rooms. The teacher is very straightforward and gets things done. We also have college credits that go on our transcript.”

“Right now we are figuring out the themes for homecoming,” said senior government student Anna Tran. “I really enjoy this class because I’m surrounded by other Leadership students. At first in sophomore year I wasn’t intentionally trying to be in Leadership but I got a different perspective of school and a leader’s life.”

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