2017-2018 News — 12 September 2017
Effects Of Bullying

Bullying still an underreported problem

By: Emily Cien

Lots of students get bullied at school, but only a handful of them tell a teacher or an administrator about the issue. Some may be scared or the person bullying them has an advantage over them.

The students that get bullied for a longer period of time will see the world differently since they’ll be scared that other people see them as a target to bully because they’re mentally weaker. When someone has the mentality that everyone is always out there to get them, it’s bad for them since they’ll always try their best to avoid interacting with people in fear of getting bullied.

Sophomore Paolo Villacarte said, “Bullying means hurting someone mentally and physically.”

People all around the world get bullied and most people don’t know how to deal with the bullies or stop the bullies from hurting them more than they already have. Bullying happens everywhere even if you aren’t aware about it.

Bullying might not seem important, but it always has a possibility of turning into more extreme issues if it isn’t stopped. One small issue might be able to cause a bigger issue than you expected.

“Bullying can lead to racism, sexism, classism, and all of the other ism’s,” said sophomore Carter Saechao.

While many people ignore bullying, it still impacts people in different ways. Saechao said, “Although bullying is a bad thing, it helped me to see the world better.”

Many people around the world may or may not understand why bullying is an important issue. While some people think it’s important to stop it, others don’t really see the point in trying to stop a problem that may keep happening.

Rany Ath from the wellness center said that people often bully each other both directly and indirectly. Many people often mistreat each other—both on purpose and accidently—which could lead to them bullying others without knowing it. Many issues, like fighting, are mostly started when someone mistreats another person.

People who get bullied will have issues facing people due to the harmful things that were said or done to them. Ath also said everyone has different ways with coping; some people dismiss it while others let it affect how they think of themselves and who they can rely on.


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