Slider Sports — 08 June 2017
OHS keeps the crown

Boys’ volleyball team wins league championship for second year in a row

By Brenda Elizalde Rodriguez, Cheyenne Gonzalez, and Rodolfo Sanchez

OHS Boys' "A" Volleyball Team 2017. Image courtesy of Amy Dellefield.

OHS Boys’ “A” Volleyball Team 2017. Image courtesy of Amy Dellefield.

On May 18, the Oakland High Boys’ volleyball “A” team beat KIPP King 3 sets to 2 to win the Oakland Athletic League championship two years in a row.

According to team members, the two teams have developed a strong rivalry in the two years that the OAL has officially recognized boys’ volleyball as a league sport.

“Pretty much [the highlight of the season] was first beating KIPP King,” said senior Andy Oeun, captain of boys’ “A” team. “They won the Jamboree, where all teams meet, and they were kind of rubbing it in our faces. So it felt good to take away their undefeated streak, and then beating them again in the finals.”

According to Oeun, the championship match was a scary game. In a best-of-five competition, the two teams played a full five sets.

Team coach and social studies teacher Amy Dellefield, the Oakland High boys’ team this year was so big that the league permitted the school to also have a “B” Team, who played a regular season at the varsity level as well.

“It was a great chance for our younger, new players to get some real court time and develop their skills,” said Dellefield.

With graduation coming up on June 9, the volleyball team must say goodbye to league MVP Oeun, who plans to continue playing volleyball in community college. The team must also say goodbye to star senior Ben Saechao.

Dellefield, who has been coaching the team for fourteen years, said that the large squad this year gives her high hopes for the team’s future. She was especially enthusiastic about the “god-given volleyball talent” of freshman Derrick Nguyen.

Team captain Oeun also praised Nguyen. “It’s his first year playing volleyball on a team, but he started on A team with us and was a key component to our winning.”


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