Arts & Entertainment Slider — 14 April 2017
Who’s making the Switch?

By Jason In

Nintendo released the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 3. Nintendo has highly hyped up the Switch with numerous advertisements and campaigning for the hybrid console.

The dock for the Switch, which is where the tablet console is placed to charge and link to the TV, must be placed upright, which is the only way to connect the Switch to the TV without the Switch slipping out of the dock. Gamers may find that this is a minor problem but not one that is crucial. Another issue with the dock is when you want to go into handheld mode for the Switch, you need a lot of room above the dock in order to pull it out, so, you can’t put the dock underneath something.

Also, the Nintendo Switch is pretty small. In advertisements, it looks much bigger but in reality, the switch and its Joy-Con controllers are about the same size as pictured on the box. The Joy-Con controllers are pretty small. If you’re a professional gamer and can’t deal with small buttons or a small joy-stick, you will not like the Joy-Con controllers. You will need to buy another controller that you can basically only use while in TV mode, as handheld mode requires the Joy-Cons. If you play with the Joy-Cons wirelessly, there are issues with the left Joy-Con as it loses connection with the console.

In TV mode, the Switch is a little underpowered. When playing a game like Zelda, the frame rate will be slower and laggy with the Switch. Also, the Switch can do nothing else other than playing a game. Consoles like the PS4 and Xbox 1 can have other features like watching TV or watching Netflix or anything else while the Switch can do nothing but be a device to play games with. However, the Switch is new and Nintendo will probably adjust the hardware and software for it, so, don’t completely judge it yet.

The Switch however is a fantastic new console as I can be playing on the TV in my family room and then take it with me by switching to the powerful handheld mode after I get kicked off the TV by someone else. In handheld mode, the Switch produces a beautiful 720p HD display with little to no lag and the battery life is said that it can last up to a good three hours of continuous gameplay before it needs to be charged again, with a standard USB Type-C plug. However, my experience with handheld mode was that the battery will begin to die after 1 ½ or 2 hours which is horrible.

The Switch’s issues can be fixed in time and the new system is actually being unfairly judged as it is only been released for a few weeks and will most likely be fixed over time. But, as of now, the Nintendo Switch on TV mode is an underpowered and unreliable gaming console. However, while in handheld mode, it is absolutely a great thing to play games on even though the battery life on it is abysmal.

Grade: B-

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