Arts & Entertainment Slider — 12 April 2017
Better than Skyward Sword and worth the wait

By Jason In

The new Legend of Zelda game, “Breath of the Wild,” had a worldwide release on March 3 on both the Wii U and the new Nintendo Switch.

The game, which has been anticipated for years, is the first Zelda game to be released on a home console since “Skyward Sword” in 2011 and Nintendo has once again failed to disappoint fans.

Like in almost every other Zelda game, “Breath of the Wild” features an open-world gameplay which allows players to play the game in any order that they choose with the same goal: stop Ganon, save Zelda, and save the fictional kingdom of Hyrule. Other than this, the way the story is run is much different than normal games. “Breath of the Wild” tests your cognitive thinking by making you solve puzzles in these shrines that you see all over the place. It will be exceptionally difficult or impossible to play the game without solving their puzzles.

The graphics of “Breath of the Wild” are phenomenal, as the whole world of Hyrule looks even better that it had before. Denser and sharper imagery helps make “Breath of the Wild” the best-looking Zelda game ever. Even if the technical issues with the Nintendo Switch on TV mode cause it to lag and the picture is delayed, the game still holds up. Playing in handheld mode is even better as there is little to no lag, which shows the game’s true potential.

The game itself is just as great. Unlike in other Zelda games, where players would find hearts everywhere to regain health, “Breath of the Wild” forces players to play in an environment that requires them to survive. This means that to regain health, players are forced to find and hunt for food and then cook it so that they can keep their health up.

Weather also is a huge factor in this game as you can now die if it gets too cold, and lightning can actually hit and kill you, unlike before. That requires players to brew potions and buy clothes that will help them survive in the game.

“Breath of the Wild” is an amazing new game that adds more to The Legend of Zelda series’s legacy of having some of the greatest games ever made with its newer and sharper graphics, detailed storytelling, and a more realistic feel due to the survival requirements.

Now, whenever a new Zelda game comes out, I always, unfairly, compare it to “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” on the Nintendo 64, which is considered by almost every critic and gamer to be one of the greatest games, if not the greatest game, of all time. I always ask, “Is this one better than ‘Ocarina of Time’?” In this case, and in the case of every other Zelda game, it is not.

However I feel that “Breath of the Wild” is right under “Ocarina of Time,” making it the second best Zelda game in the series. If you own a Nintendo Switch or even a Wii U, I strongly urge you to buy this game.

Grade: A+

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