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“Storks” delivers a laugh-filled movie experience

“Storks” is a movie that was released on September 17, 2016, and recently came out on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 20, 2016. For people like myself that didn’t got a chance to watch it in theaters, it’s a good opportunity to watch this movie.

“Storks” is about storks (obviously) delivering babies to families, but after a stork named Jasper fell in love with the baby named Tulip, was supposed to deliver and wanted to keep her for himself, the rest of the storks couldn’t allow it. Jasper fought back but ended up losing Tulip’s location and the baby grew up with the storks. After that event, the head stork, named Hunter, decided to change their job from delivering babies to working for an online shopping center named Cornerstore and shut down the baby factory for good.

Many years after this event a little boy named Nate sent a letter to the storks asking for a baby brother, because his parents were always working, so he was lonely. Tulip, now grown up, got the letter, put the letter in the baby machine, and a baby appeared. (Yes, this is really how babies are made.) Now Tulip and top stork deliverer Junior had to deliver the baby to his home without head stork Hunter knowing.

Since “Storks” is a family movie, it won’t be surprising that many families would enjoy it. It really isn’t anything new from the fun family movie but this one made me laugh more than other animated movies. I laugh at other animated films but this one takes the cake.

I give this movie an A. It is fun and hilarious. The big lesson in this movie is that belonging to a family is the most important thing in anyone’s life.

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