Slider Sports — 14 March 2017
Good Job, Wildcats

Oakland High loses semi-final against Oakland Tech
By Brenda Elizalde Rodriguez

On March 2, 2017, the Oakland High boys’ soccer team lost their semi-final game against the Oakland Tech Bulldogs 4-1, in a heartbreaking game in which the Wildcats lost their starting goalkeeper Hernan Cirin

In the first half of the game, freshman goalkeeper Cirin took a knee to the face from the opposing team’s forward, causing him to lose four teeth. Head coach and foreign language teacher Miguel Hernandez was the first to assist Cirin due to the game’s referee not wanting to assist the injured goalkeeper.

After this unfortunate event, senior defender Gustavo Campos came in and filled in at goal.

“I felt like I had to do something for us to conquer the game,” said Campos. “But unfortunately we lost.”

The boys were exhausted by this point. Any shot at the goal was a blessing for the Wildcats. At last, in the second half of the game, a free-kick was awarded to the Wildcats. Junior Hugo Mendez Guzman took the free-kick and scored.

“Oooh! That was a rocket!” said a bystander as the Oakland Tech keeper stood in shock.

But this was still not enough to satisfy the Wildcats, who were still down 4-1. The Wildcats were so fed up with what was happening, and the game began to get dirty. Yellow cards filled the air, two of our very own Wildcats got red cards. In the end, the Oakland High Wildcats fell to the Oakland Tech Bulldogs in a heartbreaking game.

“We lost to a team that got help,” said senior defender Joel Gonzalez. “But it’s okay, we never gave up and it’s okay because we didn’t lose at home for the third year in a row.”

“The one thing I told the team was I wanted to be among the first four top schools [in the OAL] and Oakland High accomplished that!” said Hernandez. He’s glad that his team was able to win against “Oakland Tech here and tied LPS-Richmond, two of the strongest schools in the OAL. It was a big accomplishment for our students.”

Despite the loss, Hernandez believes that Oakland High had “a great season.” He also said that “comparing Oakland Tech and LPS-Richmond teams, whose players were very strong and had excellent abilities, our players put their hearts and personal abilities in the game and that made a big difference in their great effort.”

Ultimately, the Oakland High Wildcats finished in third place in the OAL below first-place LPS-Richmond and the second-place Oakland Tech Bulldogs.

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