Arts & Entertainment Slider — 21 March 2017
Dope2111 videos are dope.

By: Brenda Elizalde

I’ll be reviewing a youtube channel. Dope2111 is a well-known make-up channel where make-up artist Promise Phan transforms herself into various celebrities and characters, from Kim Kardashian and Beyonce to Disney’s Moana and Maleficent.
This is a great youtube channel because it shows that make-up is not only a tool to make yourself look pretty but also to be able to show your art skills. With make-up, you’re able to express yourself not only on paper but on a human body. Not only does she do make-up videos, she also does videos in which she gives you tips on what kind of looks are okay to wear during a certain season or for special events.
Phan makes sure she tells her subscribers or followers that it’s okay to be yourself. You should never change who you are just to please other people. I discovered her channel when I was 13 years old. I was the type of person that would try anything to fit in. I would be a different person because I was scared to be who I really was. Watching these videos made me realize that I should stop trying to be another person and just be myself.
I think this a great channel because it shows girls that make-up isn’t about making yourself look pretty to attract attention from people, but make-up is a tool of expression. Not only do I think of this channel as a beauty channel but as a source of entertainment. Sometimes when I’m bored I like to look at her videos to see who she transforms herself into, which leaves me very impressed by the end of the video.
I really recommend this channel to anyone who likes watching beauty videos, or anyone looking for ideas on what to do, or anyone who’s just bored and looking for youtube videos to look at. Promise Phan of Dope2111 is an amazing person, and I promise you she won’t let you down.
I give this channel an A+.

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