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Come for the cute, stay for the lifelong love

The Puppy Bowl is an annual event where shelter puppies play a puppy version of the Super Bowl.
The main purpose of the Puppy Bowl is for puppies to show off their cuteness on the field in hope of getting adopted—so if you’ve ever wanted a pet, or are just a dog lover, this is for you. This event airs at the same day of the actual Super Bowl so you have to spend time well about Super Bowl Sunday.
Puppy Bowl XIII was a huge success, all of the puppies participated were adopted and went into a good home. A new feature in Puppy Bowl 13 was the back stories of the puppies and how they became fosters. One dog name Lucky has three legs because her leg was caught on some wooden planks under a house’s porch. These stories are heartbreaking because these little guys suffered at a young age.
The East Bay SPCA provides some of the puppy competitors for the Puppy Bowl.
“We always do have more animals and it would be great to have more animals go into homes,” said Boyd Williamson, a customer care lead at the East Bay SPCA. “It draws a lot of attention and we work with Animal Planet with the participants of the Puppy Bowl.”
According to Williamson, there were 3417 pets adopted from his organization in 2016.
Like in any other Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, which first happened on Feb. 6, 2005, has a halftime show, but this one stars kittens who climb and play on a little stage.
There’s two teams for this year’s Puppy Bowl, team Fluff and team Ruff. At the beginning, the game was neck and neck until Rory scored the first touchdown for team Fluff.
If you like seeing cute puppies running around in the Puppy Bowl then why not have at least one pup frolicking around in your home. Go to the East Bay SPCA or your local animal shelter today to get a pet.

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