2016-2017 Slider Student Life — 04 November 2016
Homecoming Week wows with  O-High Wildcat spirit

By Noel Laulu

Oakland High students celebrated their annual Homecoming Week with Spirit Days from Oct. 17-21. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday throwback, Wednesday dress to impress, Thursday class theme day, and finally Friday class colors for Rally Day. These festive, spirit-filled days were met with joy as well as reluctance, and included games during lunch. This week was enjoyed by a majority of the school, especially the Rally Day, during which students had a little more time to celebrate than in prior years.

At the start of the week, many students woke up and made their way to school in their cozy pajamas, onesies, and stuffed animals. There were cute ensembles where a few students wore onesies, were wrapped in blankets, and cuddled their sleeping buddies (stuffed animals). Two students from each grade participated in the lunch activity, which was musical chairs. Two students were neck and neck; the scene was a thriller of who was going to win. Sadly and hilariously the girl was sat on and pushed off of the chair, making the guy the victor.

Tuesday was a day dedicated to past fashion and fads from the 1920s – 1990s. Most students dressed up as greasers, but there were a few students dressed up in the eras of the late 60s-90s. A few teachers were feeling the school spirit as well and dressed up too.

Ruben Rodriguez was a bad-rad greaser, Jennifer Howard rocked the ’80s as a hard core rock-and-roller, and Lara Trale looked far out with her take on the ’70s flower child. The lunch activity was Steal the Bacon: students had to get as many stuffed animals as possible from the middle and bring them back to their side, without getting tagged.

Wednesday was dress to impress/career day. Many students came all dolled up in their Sunday best, or dressed for what they wanted to do in the future. There were doctors, nurses, scientists, lawyers, and professional hula dancers. The clacking of heels sounded in the halls, as did many ohhh and ahhs from friends who saw their classmates in suits, and ties. The game for Wednesday was dodgeball. Teachers and students got to throw balls at each other getting back for bad grades or disruptive behavior in class. (A great way to relieve all that pent-up anger!)

For Thursday’s theme day, each grade had a specific team to represent. The freshmen were the Raiders, sophomores had Giants, juniors took the A´s, and finally the seniors were of course the Warriors. There were some reluctance for the theme due to loyalty to other teams. However, thanks to school spirit, team loyalty didn’t stop some from dressing up and making the best of the day. There was a relay race on the field which consisted of a 3 legged race, going under hurdles, a potato sack race, a challenge of trying to shoot a ball into a bowl, and a foot race back. Thankfully there were no sore losers and there was a great display of teamwork and effort being shown during this lunch time activity.

Enthusiastic sophomores wait for the rally to begin on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016. Lakayla Phillips/The Aegis

Enthusiastic sophomores wait for the rally to begin on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016. Lakayla Phillips/The Aegis

Finally Friday was rally day. Each grade had to wear their class’s color. The freshmen were purple, sophomore were orange, juniors were green, and seniors were blue. At the rally, students cheered for their class floats for their classmates, who competed in an epic series of tug-of-war battles.
Leadership senior Shela Le announced the class royalty, including junior prince and princess Gabriel Marquez and Allison Truong, and senior king and queen Jalen Dummett and Rachanna Sok.

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