2016-2017 Commentary Slider — 03 November 2016
Ask Athena: I might be pregnant!

In the Ask Athena column, readers can get their big questions answered by Athena, goddess of wisdom and bearer of the original Aegis. To ask Athena your questions, click here!

Dear Athena,
So i had sex with my boyfriend a month ago. Since then, we’ve broken up, and i’ve missed my period. Idk if its paranoia cuz sometimes it’s normal to miss one but given the the fact that it was my first time having sex i’m terrified. I’m totally willing to be open with my mom but i want to know if what i’m thinking is happening is true so i don’t tell her and it actually isn’t happening. I just wanna know where i could go to get checked out where i don’t have to worry about my mom finding out before i tell her?

Dear Blue,
You could always go to Oakland High’s Wellness Center (SHOP 55). There they could give you screenings for pregnancy, STDs, and other sexually transmitted conditions that you might have if you had unprotected sex. They can help you learn about all of your options so that you can make the choice that’s right for you. They’re really big on confidentiality, which can also help you with your situation if you want someone to talk to about how this is impacting you emotionally. However this turns out for you, there is someone you can talk to during this process and about how you plan on going forward. Whether it be about safe sex or a plan for your child and yourself, you will be given support.
I know this is a scary time and millions of thoughts and “what-ifs?” are flowing through your head, with no sign of slowing down. But that’s normal; the best thing to do is to be logical in a situation such as your own. You have the information that you need and now all you need to do is take action. Remember that no matter what, you will have support. Whether it is from your friends or from the school, this is not something you have to do alone.

Your shield,


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