2016-2017 Slider Student Life — 04 October 2016
Welcome, Class of 2020!

By Rodolfo Sanchez


OHS new freshmen were the first entering class to face the new block schedule on

August 22. Most of the freshmen coming here had no idea that the bell schedule changed, some freshmen knew about the old schedule do due to their older sibling(s) from their tips of OHS.


According to freshman Joanna Tang, her experience in OHS so far is good. Her classes are okay but she will get around that since us students have opinions about which classes is our favorite or not and the overall feeling about their schedule. Her opinion about the new bell schedule was, “It’s great because I don’t get to have swimming every day.” Looking at her experience so far, Tang expects that she is going to have a swell time in OHS.


OHS students now have eight classes in the schedule instead of six. Unlike the old schedule where students have all six classes every day, we take four classes in one and the other four the next. It’s broken up into the odd and even periods.


These are called A and B classes. Every Monday and Thursday the classes are period one, three, five, and seven which is the A classes, and every Tuesday and Friday are second, fourth, sixth, and eighth period which is the B classes. Wednesdays are different, it switches A and B classes every week. The first week, Wednesday was an A day then next week, Wednesday was a B day.


Another freshman, Veronica Sanchez, preferred the new schedule over the old schedule.“I like how there’s enough time at the end of class to chill and how there’s enough time to really communicate with the whole class and stuff,” Sanchez said.


Overall, freshmen think the block schedule is useful because there’s a lot more time to do work and communicate in class. It’s making them think differently about OHS.



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