2016-2017 Commentary Slider — 09 October 2016
New coach, new team!

Lady Wildcats soccer is making a comeback

by Brenda Elizalde

After a disappointing season for the Lady Wildcats last 2015-2016 school year, Oakland High’s girls’ soccer team is determined to make a comeback and return to the field stronger than ever. Despite being told to stop playing and being put down by many of the Oakland High student body, the team is not going to let any negativity get in our way.

In order to reach our goal of success, the girls’ soccer team will be putting 100% of our effort into our training. This year’s team captains, Jaida Holt and I, are really determined to get the team into shape and prepared to go against any team that gets in our way. We are currently practicing Wednesdays after school to get a little head start in our training in hopes of improving our skills. But we are currently relying on the support of our new coach, new OHS math teacher Douglas Robeson, who has experience playing soccer, due to playing in high school as well as having experience coaching both girls and boys.

I believe that this year will be our year to show people that no matter what they say or do, we will never give up and we will continue to play because it’s what we love to do. It doesn’t matter whether or not you know how to play, as long as you’re passionate about the game, it’s all that matters. I know how it feels to be put down and have peers constantly tell you, “You’re not good enough,” “You’re losing the game, might as well go home,” or “Just stop playing, it isn’t worth humiliating yourself.” It sucks but it makes me stronger as a player and makes me want to prove them wrong.  I also don’t see losing a game as a “humiliating” thing, I see it as a lesson telling me I need to practice harder and fix the little mistakes that slipped here and there. I’m determined that the girls’ soccer team will win and will continue to prove people wrong.

“We haven’t started practice officially,” says senior captain Jaida Holt, “so it’s kind of hard to understand how this year’s team will be.” I agree with my co-captain. It really is hard to understand whether or not the team will be ready, but we have got to be determined to win.

As a senior, I want my last year playing with a high school team to be an unforgettable memory. After playing since my freshmen year, it’s sad to think that after all these years I won’t be able to play with the Oakland High girls’ soccer team. The team has always been my second family and it will be hard saying good-bye. I will continue to support the team and help them with whatever they need.

We, the Lady Wildcats, are determined that this will be our year and we will come back stronger than ever.



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