2016-2017 News Slider — 04 October 2016
Freeroaming art class

By Cheyenne Gonzalez   

With his inviting spirit and intriguing background experience, the Wildcats are proud to call new art teacher Jim Tucker one of our own.

Tucker teaches Art 1,  Advanced Art, and Graphic Design. He is a dedicated faculty member of the VAAMP team. He began his teaching career in 2007 in South Korea.

Tucker brings a fun, open, safe, and creative environment for aspiring artists to work in.   

“I consider myself a facilitator rather than a teacher,” said Tucker. “Someone who creates projects to help students learn more. I plant the ideas and give the students the tools to create their own project.”


His students  had nothing but smiles when asked about the new teacher and their experiences in his class.  

“He is very exciting and chirpy,” said junior Nathelie Saeteurn .

Tucker said he allows students to express their individuality with purpose and an end-goal through the use of methods such as “freeroaming,” which allows his students to do as they please within an assignment (or outside of an assignment).

Tucker is also one of the many instructors in the VAAMP group. Students said they joined because they wanted to improve their art skills or simply because the teachers were inviting.

VAAMP (Visual Arts Academy Magnet Program) welcomes students from grades 10-12  regardless of artistic abilities.

“After all the years of teaching, [working at Oakland High] is the most rewarding experience,” Tucker said.



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