2016-2017 Commentary Slider — 12 October 2016
Clown threats aren’t funny

Skip the red nose this Halloween

By Rodolfo Sanchez


If you were afraid of clowns now or in the past then this might give you the chills. Many of you may know about clowns in the wood of South Carolina trying to lure kids in. These incidents happened around late August when kids starting to notice the clowns. A woman notice a large figure standing under a streetlight waving at her and she waved back at it. Another woman said that her son heard chains banging against their front door.


To be honest I thought this story would be me giving my personal opinion about this whole thing but the recent epidemic of clowns sighting in the U.S made me have to do a lot more for this article.


People have now reported sightings of clowns in seven states, including California. I’d seen many videos about it and many weren’t so nice. I don’t know if they’re staged or not; these videos don’t help allegations that these clown sightings are not harmful to anyone. I’ve seen videos where clowns chase after the person who is recording and they were holding knives. KNIVES?! Are you kidding right now? This isn’t funny at all if you’re holding weapons.


There’s some videos where a person is driving and sees a person dressed as a clown. Now, those videos are suspicious to me because the filmers were inside cars and the driver could’ve run over the clowns easily to defend themselves, but instead they backed up or drove faster to avoid the clowns. I would understand that they don’t want to get in trouble for running over a human being, but in my honest opinion I would run over a clown if I feel threatened by them.


Recently, people dressed as clowns have threatened schools in the Bay Area, including Oakland. John Sasaki, OUSD’s Director of Communications, sent emails to inform all staff members in OUSD about the clown threats in social media on October 4.


Now, we don’t need to freak out since we don’t know if these are real threats. Even if they are, the OUSD police department will have extra patrols around our schools so we can just stay calm and go by our normal lives. If you happen to witness any suspicious activities, stay calm and find the nearest staff or security so they can contact the OUSD police and they will investigate the situation.


If you are planning to dress up as a clown this Halloween, just don’t. It’s a terrible idea this year since all these creepy clown situations have taken place.


It’s more serious than you think. A 12-year-old girl in Toms River, N. J., was arrested on early October for a fake threat she made in social media about a clown threatened her middle school on October 8, at 8:37 sharp. So don’t even think about dressing as a clown because people will mistake you as a suspicious character and that might get you arrested, too.


No clowning around this Halloween. Stay safe.

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