News Slider — 09 September 2016
CompSci offered at OHS

Two new courses explore concepts in computing

By Jason In

This year, with the new schedule, OHS is offering Computer Science classes for the first time, according to Computer Science teacher Vu Nguyen.

Computer Science focuses on how programs, apps, web pages, or anything that can be put on a computer work. Computer Science is also a highly impacted career as more and more people are being hired at companies like Google or Apple. Other times Computer Science helps people innovate as they can build apps or start-up companies that have the potential to become successful.

PLTW leader and AP Computer Science and Exploring Computer Science teacher Diane Johnson said, “Computer Science should be a basic skill like reading and math.”

Johnson said that all freshmen are taking Exploring Computer Science, even though it’s not a required course. PLTW students or students in other pathways who wish to take it for first period take AP Computer Science.

“Exploring Computer Science students are introduced to problem solving, algorithms, and design,” Johnson said.

However, her AP Computer Science class would learn how to code in their own language that they choose as it’s a more complicated class than the exploring Computer Science. Johnson said she gained the knowledge to teach Computer Science from classes, online courses, videos, and from actually doing the work.

Although some people may believe that computer science is boring and think only computer geeks are the only ones that do it, it’s a fun and useful skill that most people can learn quickly and it can help them get a well paying job at a tech company.


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