2016-2017 News Slider — 20 September 2016
Colorado transplant joins OHS English

By Makayla Melles

Katlyn Ready, a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a new English teacher, has taken on a roster of sophomores and juniors at Oakland High.

Ready said that for all of her life, her mother has always supported her. She said that she had amazing and supportive teachers in elementary and high school. She studied English and Education at CU Boulder.  

“If I didn’t become a teacher, I would be a therapist,” said Ready,  “or else president of the United States, but politics is not my thing.’’

Ready said that she loves to watch comedy movies, and if she has time she loves to hang out with friends and likes to be social with other people. Compared to her hometown, living in the Bay Area is “fun, beautiful, and different.”

She has hopes that one day she would travel the world, first to London than to Italy. She loves Chinese food and iced tea. Her favorite artists right now are Drake and  Frank Sinatra. 

Ready is one of the more than 30 new teachers and staff at Oakland High School this year.

She hopes that her class has a lot of fun.

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