2016-2017 Slider Student Life — 30 September 2016
Bonding with a Bay view

All-ESA field day encourages students to develop new friendships

By Jason In & Lakayla Phillips

On Sept. 16, students in the ESA family enjoyed their field day to connect with each other up in the Oakland hills at Roberts Park.

The field day included lunch, activities, and bonding, and was intended to help seniors bond with juniors and sophomores in the academy.

“It was a great idea,” said senior Kenny Yu. “All grades interacting was good for them to get to know each other.” Yu’s goal for the day was, “to get to know people from ESA.”

This was the first time ESA has brought all of its students on one trip. Leaders hope that it will become a tradition like that of the VAAMP Community-Building Trip that happened for the first time in fall 2015, and that will happen again on Oct. 6.

Before the buses arrived to Roberts Park carrying most of the ESA students, a group of student ambassadors and journalists arrived with Lara Trale, the co-director of ESA and the academy’s English teacher for sophomores and seniors, to cook and get as much set up so that when students came to the park, everyone could eat as soon as possible so the day could start. Students that were in the first party going up included ESA senior student ambassadors Sarah Doung and Kenny Yu.

When the buses showed up, the students got into the park and began socializing with each other whether they were underclassmen or seniors. Then, when the teachers and staff got settled in,

David White, the ESA co-director and ESA’s history teacher, went over some rules and then students finally got to eat, starting with seniors and eventually getting to the sophomores and teachers.

After the students ate lunch, they got into their groups of three which included a sophomore, junior, and senior. Activities included dodgeball, kickball, a picture scavenger hunt, launching paper rockets with the new AP Environmental Science teacher David Mangiante and much more.  Students participated in two activities and eventually turned in golden paper slips given to them before participating in activities so they could keep track of what they did then turn it in for extra credit for their triad.

At the end of the day, students were grouped together to take a group picture in front of a beautiful view of Oakland and then broke up into two sides for a game of capture the flag.  Groups were broken up into seniors vs. all others. The seniors won in spectacular fashion. After the game, all students came together and chanted, “E-S-A, E-S-A, E-S-A, E-S-A, E-S-A!” ESA broke into the O-High chant then left.

Jesus Ibarra, a new student to ESA and O-High, and his friend Michael Adeyeye, both juniors, were asked what they thought of their first ESA field trip. “This was a great experience,” said Ibarra. “It was so much fun, I made new friends…ESA has a lot of nice and outgoing people and it’s lots of fun.”

Ibarra’s friend didn’t feel too different about the event. Adeyeye also said,”I had fun, there were lots of games, and it was great getting to know new people.”

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