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Thunderettes triumph
Image Credit: Coach Beto

Image Credit: Coach Beto

By Jennifer Gomez Rodriguez

The soccer team Thunderettes won a Spring Season game against Oakland International Sunday, April 10 at Castlemont High with the final score being 2-1.

During the game a girl from Oakland International broke her arm when she ran into right defender Daniela Mancilla, 17, a senior from Oakland High School.

“I felt bad but at the same time I didn’t,” said Mancilla from Thunderettes. “She fell exaggerated for a foul and she ended up hurting herself because she fell kinda hard.”

After everything the Thunderettes left with the win. The Thunderettes coach said the players knew what they did wrong and right. They know they have to fix it and they will start fixing it as soon as possible.  Thunderettes  will be happy to see themselves come back with more wins if possible.

“We didn’t play at our level with these girls.” said the assistant coach Roberto Brizuela , 20.

“We played at their level. We could have done way better, but at the end of the day we brought that win home. We just need to make a couple of changes again and we’ll be fine.”

“My first season being captain and it’s been a good season so far,” said Oakland High graduate and former player Marina Salazar, 20. “I have a feeling it will be a great season with these ladies and I’m happy to be their captain.”

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