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2015-2016 Commentary — 28 April 2016
The Problems With Our Generation

By Shantra Smith

Here in Oakland, I have witnessed some very important things that need to be addressed. When us young people are being rude to the ones that are older than us also known as our elders, it’s a huge problem and it needs to change now because most of the elders have sacrificed so much for us young people. It’s wrong to repay them by being rude and disrespectful particularly our elders.

My friend was walking through the hallways of Oakland High School on April 20, and he witnessed some kids throwing coins at a substitute. He told my chemistry teacher, who was shocked and said that most kids nowadays have no respect, not even for themselves.

This is not a good thing and it makes me feel shocked too because no one deserves to be disrespected better yet our elders. It has to do with the way you were raised because I was raised to respect anyone that was older then me and to treat my peers this way, it would make them upset most likely.

Disrespect toward our elders still happens today and it needs to stop because how can you want respect , but you can’t respect others. I feel that we need to show love to our elders and let them know that we appreciate them for all of the sacrifices that they have made even before we were born.

The kids who are disrespecting the elders or even people who are older than us, are the ones who need more structure and guidance and they may need to be shown love. I’m asking the parents to step up more by staying involved in the kids’ lives and giving them structure and also teaching them the importance of our elders.

It’s not only the parents who can lead teenagers in the direction however, kids can also lead only if they’re willing to do the right thing. It takes a village to raise a baby into a man or women and when the baby  grows up to be that man or women it was raised to be it will not depart from all the knowledge that was planted into them. Everyone should hear me out because this is a really important issue most teeneagers are losing respect because they dont show or give respect to the ones who really deserve it.


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  1. This is very disturbing hearing about the next generation throwing coins at a sub. I highly agree with you that our youth needs to needs to respect our elders because they have taught us so much. Parents should always teach their child how to respect elders the same way or better than they respect their parents.

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