2015-2016 Sports — 28 April 2016
The Massacre of the Wildcats

By Malakai Lowe

On April 6, the Wildcats take the field with their pitcher, number 11 Bill Huynh. The Wildcats had a rough start to the game.

The Oakland Technical team was hitting like crazy and Huynh wasn’t able to hit the strike zone. The Wildcats were able to get the 3 outs that they needed so they could show the Oakland Tech Bulldogs what the Wildcats had in them.

The first batter of the Oakland High Wildcats was short stop number 13 Malakai Lowe.

Lowe was at bat and he watched the first pitch go by as ball then the next pitch ball 2, now he is ahead in the count, the next pitch was a hit. “BANG” the bat hit the ball and the ball went into the outfield flying through the air then came down. The Bulldogs caught the ball for their first out.

“I don’t really know how this game is going to turn out”, said Emarieay Prescott grade 12 “I am out here to have fun.”

The Wildcats energy went away after the first inning . When the the Wildcats saw that the Bulldogs were not going to walk them, i think that it freaked them out according to Lowe. The Bulldogs came to Oakland High School looking for “blood.”

While the Wildcats played hard in the first inning the Bulldogs got their 3 out in the first 3 batters. So the Wildcats had to take the field once more to start the 2nd inning. While the Wildcats were disappointed in how they played at bat, but that didn’t stop them from making the plays that they needed to make.  As the game went on with the Bulldogs scoring and Wildcats not being able to get a run in the Wildcats never gave up on what they came to the game for, which was to have fun, according to the Wildcats sponsors.

While the Wildcats were able to fight hard against the Oakland Tech Bulldogs, they were not able to beat them. The game ended and the 2 teams shook hands and the Wildcats ran down the 3rd base line to do their sprints.

Tired after playing a long hard game and doing sprints, the Wildcats heard a few words from their sponsors they said things like we played a great game. While we were not able to beat them we never beat ourselves up  or things like we never gave up on the game even though we knew that we lost the game. “Wildcats, we will get them next time,” said Lowe. “Let’s keep up our great teamwork.”


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