2015-2016 Student Life — 28 April 2016

By James Zhou

OAKLAND- On April 8, 2015, representatives from East Bay College Fund interviewed Oakland High seniors in the Future Center. The interview helped give students more insights on what benefits the scholarship the students applied to held.  

Students were broken up into separate groups, each with a different topic for discussion based on their decisions. In each group, students consulted with the advisors on their difficulties.

“For me, I set small goals to stay on track, “said senior Sosaia Pulu. “I make these small goals I can achieve to get to the bigger goal.”

Education is extremely valuable for students, especially the ones that come from a low income family. There are students that tend to fall behind easily and aren’t able to catch back up. This can result in students not passing the classes they need to graduate. Representatives from Oakland Promise said that they are here to help with OUSD students’ performance in school and finish up the year strong.

Students are mainly stressing about attending college. With the assistance from East Bay College Funds, they are helping the students by giving them advice. Since college tuition is incredibly high, they are providing support to ensure students to graduate with expectations and skills to complete college.

There are many events students are required to attend: CREWS meeting, orientations, Awards Ceremony and retreats. In order for students to receive this scholarship, students will need to be present in future events.

“All participants must attend the future events and meetings,” said Camille Sheffield, College Access and Success Manager. “If you want the maximum grant, please be present in all upcoming events.”

Overall school is a stressful journey but Oakland Promise is here with the support. With the help from the scholarship, graduation rates will increase due to the guidance and resources that are provided.


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