2015-2016 — 29 April 2016

By:Imani Butler


Bay Area Genesys Works young professionals came together to the Kaiser Roof Garden on 300 Lakeside Drive around 5 on a Wednesday afternoon. They came together to recognize the great work that each student was doing.


Many of the young professionals were asked to be part of a panel for the next incoming students. This program has been taking place for 3 years now and plans to keep going. There are six Oakland High students that are currently in the program, which helps student obtain an internship at a well-known company.

“The students that are in this program have a lot to deal with,” said Stephanie Epps, the program coordinator. “They are working on college applications; planning for prom; passing class; and working four to five hours a day. “I would like to take the time to show that we are grateful and understand what the students are going though.”


Genesys Works hires high school students in the Bay Area. Before the interns are employed at the high-tech companies they have to go through a summer program that helps them gain professional and IT skills.


The students become less stressed during the time. They will be ready to become busy seniors again, but for now they will enjoy the chance to relax in the sun.


“I like coming to these events because I get to see the friends I made during the summer training,” said Courtney Butler, a current Oakland High senior and Genesys Works intern. “I get to take the time out of my busy life to chill with people that I get along with.”


The program coordinator knows that most of the interns like hanging out with friends and have a good time. This is how she got the idea to have the event on the roof top.

Having a job that students have to constantly have to learn and try new things that might not work. Fun Nights are just like what they sound like fun many of the students that partake at fun night said they appreciated the chance to get away from the stress that school and work can cause. They are needed in the young intern’s life (stress-free)

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