2015-2016 Student Life — 27 April 2016
Potstickers are sticking onto the minds of customers
Image Credit: AZAdam, Flickr

Image Credit: AZAdam, Flickr

By Anh Le

OAKLAND — The class of 2018 at Oakland High School sold potstickers during April 4 to April 15 in efforts to raise money for the class’s future senior prom.

The class officers woke up early in the morning to prepare the potstickers despite the lack of sleep caused by the preparation. However, they wanted the fundraiser to be a success and it has exceeded their expectations, according to the class’s recorder, Josephine Luong.

“In the beginning before the fundraiser ever happened, we were all skeptical,” Luong said, as she had never heard about the success of a potsticker fundraiser among other clubs. “But after we launched this fundraiser, it has become a huge success!”

The potsticker fundraiser was one of the many fundraisers that has profitably contributed to the class’s goal of raising money for prom. Previous fundraisers, such as the eggroll and fried rice fundraisers, also sold out within minutes after lunch began. If the string of success continues, the future of the prom for class of 2018 will be more grand and accessible, as more money will mean better prom venues and the price of prom tickets will not be so costly.

Being the pioneers of the prosperous potstickers are rewarding, but a lot of thought process went behind the fundraiser. The officers had to think of a food that could cater to the students as lunch while tasting delicious at the same time. According to Tiffany Huang, the class’s Vice President, potstickers were suggested by one of the officers last year, but it was disregarded because the previous officers didn’t think it would be well received and was deemed too risky.

However, the officers this year decided to revisit the idea because with great risk comes great reward.

“It is sort of a finger food,” Luong commented on the success of the potsticker fundraiser. “Potstickers are a simple food but can be [satisfying] very quickly.”

The potstickers have attracted many loyal customers to come back every day, waiting and wanting for more. In fact, this fundraiser has been the only one that the class has done twice this school year, due to its tremendous popularity.

“It allows us to make a lot of profit while also keeping it cheap for the customers,” Huang commented on the affordability of the potstickers, which were priced at $3 for 4. “It’s a win-win situation!”


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