2015-2016 Sports Student Life — 27 April 2016

By: Alvin Saelee

The OHS’ boy’s volleyball team won the first ever Oakland Athletic League Jamboree for boys’ volleyball on Wednesday, April 6. The games were held in Oakland High’s Gym and had four teams battling it out. The other schools were CCPA, Oakland Tech, and KIPP King.

According to Oakland High’s Varsity senior starter Allan Nguyen, the OHS boys’ team played their best and with all they had, even when they were missing one key player on the roster. Their reward was bragging rights and experience.

“We played pretty well for our first game, but we should be doing much better. There is still room for improvement,” said Oakland High’s outside hitter Joshua Saefong, another senior.

This is the first time the OAL held a Jamboree for boys’ volleyball because in the past years, there never was a boys’ volleyball league. Although there wasn’t a league for boys, Oakland High still had a strong team for 12 years, with the help from coach and athletic director Amy Dellefield.

After this strong start, Oakland High plans to keep playing and to do well in the league. There are questions for where the OAL for boys’ volleyball will end up in the future, after seeing four solid teams this year.

“After 12 years, the OAL officials finally listened to me and created a league for Men’s Volleyball” said Dellefield.

“The results from the jamboree show where and how far our team has come, from being the only team to the one that dominated the first jamboree,” said Saefong. “This also shows how much dedication our coach has to have kept the team going for that long.”

The team is now waiting for their role player, junior Benjamin Saechao, to return and they’re looking forward to their 4 games next week.


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