2015-2016 Sports — 28 April 2016
Jamboree Serves Up O.A.L’s Volleyball Season

Oakland dominates first games of the season

By: Rattay Din

OAKLAND- According to the team captain, the boys’ volleyball team won the O.A.L Jamboree on Wednesday, April 6, in the school gym as a kick off for the O.A.L men’s volleyball season.

Oakland High played three other teams two times each and won all six sets. Their closest game was versus KIPP King with a score of 15 to 13.

“The jamboree is a great way for all O.A.L teams to get to know each other,” said team captain Alvin Saelee who has played for the Oakland High team for all four years he has been there.

Men’s volleyball is a sport that is not very popular in Oakland schools and a sport that does not get recognized a lot. It isn’t a big named sport like how basketball and  football and often gets called a “girl’s” sport by most stereotypes. But this can relate to the problem of bullying in schools because it is something that is not looked upon enough and it is mostly kids who are not popular that get picked on.

The jamboree has helped people like Saelee become better at a sport he did not initially like. But now it is his overall favorite sport. He hopes his experience sends a message to others to “get out of your comfort zone.”

“When I played my first volleyball jamboree, I felt great and intrigued to play volleyball more and get better at it,” said Saelee. “From that day on I have worked hard to get to how good I am now but how I also gained leadership skills to pass onto others. I still want to get better than I am now and I’ll do anything I can to fulfill it.”

According to the OHS coach, Amy Dellefield, the Oakland High School men’s volleyball team looks forward to their season winning the O.A.L championship, staying undefeated, and making the California state championship.


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