2015-2016 — 29 April 2016

Oakland High School hosts the boys’ volleyball jamboree

By: Nathan Saefong

Oakland- On Wednesday April 6, 2016, Oakland High held the first boys’ volleyball jamboree where 4 teams competed in a tournament as a season opener.


The 4 teams consisted of Oakland High, Oakland Tech, KIPP, and CCPA. There were jamborees held in the past for the girls’ volleyball team but this was the first for the boys. Winning this tournament would mean a lot for each team.


“It’s always fun to be playing against another team, but since this is our first jamboree I want my team to take this serious.” says Joshua Saefong, a player for the OHS team. “But overall this should be fun.”


The jamboree lasted for around 2-3 hours starting at 5 p.m. and ending at around 7:30. Each team took turns playing since only one game was allowed to be played at once due to having only one volleyball court.

After many intense games Oakland High and Oakland Tech were the teams in the finals. They went through many minutes of playing. But in the end Oakland High was able to win the jamboree winning 25-9 and achieving a total of 5 wins and 0 losses.


“To be honest I already knew we were going to win. I seen some of these teams before and knew we were going to be the best team here,” says Steven Soe, another player from Oakland High. “Our team was looking really nice during practice and we were putting in a ton work.”


Amy Dellefield, the OHS coach, knew her team was good as well. During their third game she wanted to put in her bench team as long as the opposing team did. However the other team did not want to. With the other team not wanting their bench to play, Dellefield told her team to play their best.


With the team playing their best they were able to win with 15 points to 3 points. “Hey, it was the coach’s fault. I wanted a fun game but instead it was a blowout win,” Dellefield says and laughs.


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