2015-2016 Arts & Entertainment — 28 April 2016
Fashion show at Bayfair Mall

By: Princess Whyte

Many models from the Oakland community participated in a fashion show at Bayfair Mall, on Saturday April 9.

This event has been taking place every other week, which helps to bring out some talent of young teens who want to start a new phase in their life. Major designers such as Michael K, Shiekh Shoes, Rihanna Navy, and Vans volunteered to let models use their items in the fashion show. This is considered a big plus for the companies and for the models also; the models show off the items and the products get more notice and more audience.

“This is a good start for all the new and young models coming,” said Yolanda Harris, the director of the fashion show taking place on that day. The date for the fashion show was described as a very busy day but very mature and many people including the models learned a lot. “They can learn a bunch of new ideas about they have to do and they can learn for future ideas”

The mall is not really a place for many people to have a fashion show, but it is a good way for the teens that participated to get out there and show their face to their peers and to get out there. Everyone thought it was a good idea to have it at the mall. Many people were entertained while shopping with the music, the outfits, and what the host had to contribute to the people of the Bayfair Mall community. “Today’s teens are very shy and scared to show their talent, and that was a very good opportunity for them to do so.” said Harris.

After the show, models and the members of the audience were allowed to mingle and view the work and admire the outfits of each person. Photographs are allowed. Designs captured by Michael K. were available for the audience. Makeup, face paint, and games were in the play away for the kids, supervised by volunteers who came with the fashion show.

“These shows are organized for us to help and teach which is a good thing” said Alicia Burke, a volunteer model that had much confident that this show would turn out the be very successful. She explained to me that “I participate in every fashion show. My job is to help those whose confidence isn’t as high as mine… I Help put together the outfit that fit each teen and help each one of them up until it’s their time to shine.” From my understanding, these fashion shows are organized for mainly teens for them to get out and show their talent to who ever want to see them shine, the person could be as for that teen’s parents.

There is a job for everyone who participate in each fashow show, Alicia made it easier for some to understand. As her job was to help the teens, with outfits and confidence, Harris’s job was to mainly to make sure that everything is set and going the way it should. Other people may have different jobs to whatever they choose, but it’s all to help those who are new, shy and or scared. Each show there are new people and there is always help needed.


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