2015-2016 Student Life — 28 April 2016

by Norma Reynaga

OAKLAND – On thursday and friday the East Bay Scholarship Fund interviewed every student that completed the scholarship application during every period in the future center at Oakland High School.This interview was mandatory for the students that want this scholarship.

This interview and scholarship only applies to seniors Oakland High School and the ones who will attend college in Fall 2016. A Student has have applied to this scholarship and attended the first meeting, it is mandatory to attend every following meeting. If a student cannot make it to a meeting, they need to let the director of East Bay know in advance.

“Students that don’t attend every meeting will receive less money for this scholarship and can be disqualified,” said Eric Guico, an East Bay Scholarship director. “ You should let us know before  if you can not make it to one of our meeting.”

They will also attend meeting after meeting and get applications turned in by the deadline.

When a student has completed and attended every other meeting, the East Bay Scholarship will go straight to the student’s chosen college. The amount of the scholarship depends upon what kind of college you will attend.

According to East Bay College Fund’s website, “Students at 2 year and technical colleges will receive up to $1,000 per year while students at 4 year colleges will receive up to $4,000 per year.”

Students who have a GPA above a 2.70 will be receiving the scholarship but the amount will vary based on if the student will attend 2 year college for 1000 dollars a year or for a 4 year college for 4000 dollars a year.

“This scholarship will help students stay in school and reduce their debt load”.

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