2015-2016 Student Life — 28 April 2016

By: Ushae’-Unique Garrett

Oakland High School seniors each had an interview on April 1 – 8 in the Future Center for an Oakland Promise Scholarship. The College East Bay Fund had an assembly notifying all seniors this opportunity to pay for college along side with Financial Aid help.

Seniors have been pulled out of their class to be interviewed. Students would do a group interview with their peers, mentors, directors, and advisors. This interview did not determine if the students would not receive this scholarship. Advisers’ goal is to get to know the students individually.

“I signed up for East Bay College Fund because I thought it would be easy money,” said senior Destiny Dunwood. “The interview surprised me because I didn’t know it was a group interview also they made us sign a commitment agreement.” Before the interview Dunwood said that she felt very nervous about the interview but as soon she arrived and saw people she knew her confidence was built. “The interview was a great experience. [It] made me feel I was taking another step towards my future.”

Tuition has always been a big problem for high school seniors when applying for colleges. Financial aid don’t always provide enough money. Since the school year is moving so rapidly there are other cost before you graduate such as homecoming, college applications, graduation cap and gown, senior portraits, yearbook, and other extra curricular activities for the seniors that involve spending money.

Colleges are becoming so competitive for acceptance and taking a huge affect on low class and middle class families. The best way to pay for college is to have a scholarship because it’s not a loan.

College is so expensive  to the point soon as student get out high school they would rather work and go back to school later. Most likely they would get used to earning the money which would be no problem but unfortunately end up caring less about going to college and settling for minimum wage. That’s why College East Bay Fund is a great opportunity for Oakland High School seniors.

“We all are giving an opportunity to have a promise scholarship so we can be able afford college, it would be so frustrating worrying about money while I’m trying to focus in college,”said Dunwood.

Students in college often work and go to school to have ability to pay for school, housing, and personal needs. Working while in college has pros and cons which means it can become a distraction from your studies but also progress for your studies.

“I will use this scholarship money to prolong my studies and take advantage of all the opportunities that come along with the scholarship.”


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