2015-2016 Student Life — 28 April 2016

By Dorothy Le

OAKLAND – On April 6, in preparation for Earth Day, an Earth Expo was held at Oakland Downtown in Frank Ogawa Plaza  from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Many Oakland’s local garden programs and environmental organizations attended the event, which was open to the public. They were there to inform people about the importance of protecting the Earth.

“This was really great,” said Oakland High School senior Grace Park. “It is really helpful to learn how to live affordably and in a clean way. Especially for future college students.”

There were many demonstrations, tips, and giveaways to show people how to live a sustainable life. For example, Stopwaste taught visitors how to reduce and compost food waste.

Port of Oakland was also present at the event. They engaged with attendees to learn more about the SF Bay, Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, and Educational Programs. They also invited people to participate in the April 23 Shoreline Clean-up Event at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

The highlights during the event were learning about transportation, environmental health, waste reduction, water, energy, urban design, nature,and community themes. Many people and organizations participated to show people there is always a better way to live a greener life.

“It is nice to see many programs that are open to the public to learn how to garden, save some money by using efficient energy,” said Oakland High School senior Jacky He.

This expo was to show our community that there are many programs to help you live sustainably.


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